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  1. Assorted premium bread sandwiches with fillings of egg salad, tuna salad, black forest ham, breast of turkey, and vegetarian (if required). Made with butter, mayo, mustard, cheese, green leaf lettuce and sliced tomato. Cut in quarters, trayed & garnished.
    One sandwich per person $6.00 or One & 1/2 sandwich per person $8.75


  2. Assorted fresh baked Kaisers, chees buns, and Panini sandwiches, all with the same fillings as above. Cut in 1/2, trayed and garnished.
    One sandwich per person $6.50 or One & 1/2 sandwich per person $9.75


  3. Fontina Risotto Balls with Sun Dried and Basil 2 per person $3.5
  4. Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce 2 per person $6.00
  5. Assorted hot appetizers…mini quiche, mushroom turnovers, cocktail sausage rolls & mini spanakopita.
    Four pieces per person $5.95 or Six pieces per person $7.95


  6. Cocktail meatballs in your choice of sauce, sweet & sour, brandy & peppercorn, or pineapple & curry.
    Four pieces per person $5.75


  7. Chicken wings or drumlets with your choice of sauce: Teriyaki, Hot Cajun, mesquite BBQ, Honey garlic.
    Four pieces per person $5.95


  8. Fresh garden vegetable platter with sour cream seasoned dip… $2.95 per person
  9. Canadian cheese & cracker tray, garnished with grapes… 3.95 per person
    International Cheese cheese & cracker tray, garnished with grapes… $6.95 per person
  10. Mixed pickle tray of sliced kosher dills, sweet pickles & assorted olives… $3.95 per person
  11. Garnished devilled egg platters…1 each… $2.95 per person
  12. The “best ever” spinach & artichoke dip, served hot with mini taco chips… $4.50 per person
  13. Decorated cold meat platter of black forest ham, breast of turkey, corned beef, roast beef & European salami (total of 4 slices per person) $7.00 per person
  14. Fresh baked assorted rolls & butter… $8.50 per dozen
  15. Decorated sliced fresh fruit platter… $3.95 per person
  16. Fresh fruit kabobs displayed on a tray… $4.50 per person
  17. Assorted dessert tray of pastries & squares… $1.75 per person
  18. Fancy Tray of Pastries… $3.95 per person
  19. Fresh brewed gourmet coffee (includes cups/cream/sugar) 85 Cup Urn $90.00 or 50 Cup $45.00
  20. Basket of assorted fruit & herbal teas… $1.50 per person
  21. Fruit punch served in large punch bowls… $1.50 per person
  22. Deluxe pasta salad or potato salad… $3.95 per person
  23. Mixed baby greens or Caesar salad… $3.95 per person

Paper tablecloths for 8′ tables $5.00 each
Linen tablecloth rental (for round or long tables) $8.00 each
Real china & cutlery rental $1.00 – $2.00 per person
Wineglasses 8 0z $5.00 per dozen
Servers (staff) (min. of 4 hours) $20.00/hour
Bartenders (min.of 4 hours) $25.00/hour
Delivery charges can vary $15.00 – $50.00

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