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Corporate Events

We can accommodate all of your organization’s needs. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meetings, Seminars, Staff parties, Company BBQ’s, Company anniversaries, Retirements, Memorials and any other corporate Function that requires special attention.

Special Events

Whether you are planning an office holiday party, retirement party, or summer corporate BBQ, we are here to provide the best food to compliment your event.


No celebration carries as much meaning as a wedding. Weddings are remembered for what they represent and how they were made special. Food, Decor, Atmosphere
We can Design your personal wedding needs, we provide detailed & professional service to ensure that your unique tastes, preferences and ideas are brought to life on this very special day.

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What You Need To Know About Vancouver Corporate Catering?

Corporate catering is the provision of food or drinks to a business or organization. Whether it’s an event or a regular day to day operations of the organization, you need the right caterer to make sure every person is satisfied.

The Best Vancouver Corporate Caterers To Consider

If you do a simple search online, you will find a lot of corporate caterers ready to service your event comfortably. However, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the numerous choices. However, there are a few things to consider when looking for the best corporate catering service.

1. What Do You Hope To Achieve?

Before hiring our Vancouver corporate catering company, you need to determine what you want in terms of the menu and serving time. A few caterers will have different options available, so take your time to go through the available options. If you have a particular menu in mind, you need to find a caterer who can provide exactly that. Also, are you looking for caterers who will drop off the food or serve everyone in the event? You also need to consider whether you have all the necessary equipment to serve people or you need to make rentals.

2. Do You Need A National Or A Local Vancouver Office Caterer?

You will find numerous types of corporate office caterers in your search. They can be local or national, small as well as large. If you choose a national catering company, you can count on branded catering concepts, in-house teams, and venue options. Even better, you can enjoy preferential pricing and choice available with bulk purchase. However, there’s a considerable disadvantage when it comes to creativity and overpricing as well as a complete loss of personality.

On the other hand, local corporate caterers are also ideal for your business. First, local caterers are in-tune with your culture and geography. They will make purchases from local suppliers so the chefs can showcase seasonal produce. On the other hand, you will get a very personal service, mainly because you will be dealing directly with the owners or senior management.

3. In-House Vs. Mobile Vancouver Office Lunch Catering – What’s Better?

Do you have your own kitchen facilities on the ground? You can hire your own catering team or chef to cook on-site every day. As a result, you will always enjoy fresh food. It’s a great benefit to have in-house catering, but there will be a notable lack of creativity if the chef isn’t exposed to a lot of events.

Of late, there has been a tremendous increase in mobile food trucks. They have provided an ingenious catering service to a broader audience on a smaller scale. Therefore, if there’s a secure parking spot close to your business, you can hire a food truck to provide various cuisines efficiently.

4. The Type Of Catering Services You Need

Corporate caterers have a few duties to cover so you can choose one depending on the type of services you need. Here’s what you should consider

  • Functional Catering – Here, you should imagine breakfast meetings, working lunches and any other meals to boost productivity and take advantage of every hour. When considering this type of service, you should take into account the speed of the service as well as the dietary restrictions of different employees.
  • Entertainment Purposes – You can hire corporate caterers for holiday parties such as the Christmas parties. On the other hand, you can create a celebratory event for employees who have reached their targets to celebrate their achievements and much more.

Take these pointers into account when looking for the best corporate caterers in Vancouver to make sure your needs and those of your employees are completely satisfied.

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